1. GeMBA is a Multi-Accredited Programme that gives you a Global Recognition as your qualification can enable you to work anywhere in the world; in any industry and in any Organisation. GeMBA is taught by University Lecturers, Industry Consultants, MBA Professors and conducted at the Nation's Premier University.

2. GeMBA is preferred over Traditional MBA. Most people substitute Executive Master's Degree for Academic Master's Degree as they believe Academic MBA has no relevance in running any effective Organisation. GeMBA equips you to easily incorporate your new skills into your daily Business Practices, immediately impacting your work Environment.

3. GeMBA Qualification can Accelerate your upward mobility into Senior Management Positions as your job performance becomes more visible to the BoardRoom Decision Makers.

4. GeMBA Qualification appeals more to Employers than Academic MBA's as the Skills acquire are directly transferable unto the job thereby making it the first choice to most High Performing Organisations in their Recruitment Policies.

5. GeMBAQualification will increase your earning potentials tremendously and put you into the bracket of Highly Paid Executives.

6. GeMBA Qualification will intellectually stimulate your overall cognitive abilities. It will help you see things other graduates see but you will see them differently, think differently and make critically and sound analysis. No final thesis required to graduate from the GeMBA Programme. Students Assessment is based on Specified Assignments, Group Discussions, Presentations, Progress Exercises and Case Study Reviews.

7. GeMBA will creates an Opportunity for you to enhance your Professional Network as you mingle with Course Mates who are CEO's, Directors, Goverment Officials, High Class Business Executives and Managers from Highly Reputable Organisations.

8. GeMBAwill boost your Credentials Significantly and put you ahead of other graduates and set your C.V apart from the Crowd.

9. GeMBA Programme will cost you less compared to other MBA Programmes around the globe. fees are moderate and allows you to pay in installment base.

10. Saturday Lectures only (i.e Every Forthnight): You don't need to give up your full-time job to study for the GeMBA Programme as lectures are structured to fit into your busy Schedules.