1. Application of the Terms and Conditions

a. These Terms and the Offer Letter (together the Terms and Conditions) set out the Contractual Terms which apply between ECPS and students (Students) in relation to the courses and/or Academic Programmes and any other ECPS Courses.

b. As such, Students should ensure they read the Terms and Conditions very carefully before signing and submitting their application for admission to ECPS.

2. Application to the Course and Confirmation of Acceptance

a. To apply for a place on a Course. Students should complete their application and submit it to ECPS Admissions Office.

b. ECPS accepts or rejects applications in its absolute discretion. If ECPS accept the application, ECPS will issue a written offer of a place on a Course to the Student (including any conditions relevant to the offer). The Offer Letter together with an Acceptance Form for the Student to confirm their acceptance of the offer of the place.

c. In order to accept the offer, the Student must:

i. Complete and return to ECPS the Acceptance Form confirming acceptance of the offer of the place indicated in the Offer Letter;

ii. Pay a deposit as described in the Offer Letter which will be used towards the tuition fees due for the Course. The amount of the deposit required will be shown in the Offer Letter;

d. After completion of the actions listed in paragraph 2c above, the contract between the Student and ECPS is formed. However, if the offer is ‘conditional, the contract shall not come into force unless and until the Student meets the conditions of the Offer Letter and completes the actions listed in paragraph 2c above

3. Tuition Fees and Payment

a. Upon Admission, students are required to pay at least 60% or more of the Course Fee before the Commencement of the Programme. The balance of the Tuition Fees shall be payable in two (2) other installment as indicated by the Payment Plan Policy of the Institute. Students must note that tuition fees excludes Texts Books, External Examination Fees, Entertainment Fees, School Logistics Fees.

Admitted students must pay their Fees to ECPS no later than four weeks prior to the start date of the Course (which is stated in the Offer Letter). Please note that, Deposits made to ECPS are non-refundable.


Fee Structure for the various Courses ECPS Offers is subject to change without Prior Notice but this will be communicated in our Admissions Information Brochure.

4. Deferrals

A Student may defer his/her Course to the next admission if the Student has been prevented by external events from starting the Course, up to a maximum of two occasions. An external event includes (without limitation) serious illness or injury of the Student or of a close member of the Student’s family, withdrawal of sponsorship etc.

5. Overdue Fees

a. In cases of overdue payment of any of the fees owed by the Student. EPS reserves the right to suspend or cancel tuition and to charge interest on the outstanding balance. Interest will be charged on any outstanding fees at the rate of 2.5% above the base rate of our Bankers per month or part thereof from the date of the invoice until payment.

b. ECPS Reserves the Right to withhold any academic results or certificates. if fees are still owed by the Student at the end of their Course

c. Fees remain payable if a ‘notice of withdrawal’ has not been given in accordance with these Terms and Conditions.

6. Cancellation because Conditions of Offer are not met

ECPS’s offer to the Student is conditional upon the Student meeting the requirements set out in the Offer Letter, ECPS reserves the right to withdraw its offer to the Student if the requirements of the Offer Letter are not met.

7. Academic Criteria and Attendance

a. Students are accepted onto the Course on the strict understanding that progression through the Course and Successful Completion of the Course are conditional upon Satisfactory Attendance and Successful Attainment of Specified Progression Grades.

b. Students are accepted onto the Course on the strict understanding that they attend all classes. By signing the application form, the Student accepts that if they fail to attend classes in three (3) consecutive times without good reasons, or without the permission of the Course Coordinator, they may be deemed to have withdrawn or be required to leave the Course.

c. During the Course induction all Students will be made aware of the criteria for successful completion of the Course. The assessment of student performance may take into consideration: Attendance, taking part in Group Discussions, Class Exercises, Quizzes, Specified Assignments, participating in class Presentations and Writing Short Tests before sitting for the main examinations which are conducted by our Local and External Examining Bodies.

One other important requirement for students to graduate is to take part in the Industrial Attachment Programme recommended by the Institute to all students. The Attachment Programme is to enable students to put Theories into Practice, introduce them to the World of Work and to Compliment Academic Learning.

d. Students who do not meet the Attainment Criteria for Successful Completion will not be allowed to graduate or proceed with their intended Study Plan. In such cases Students will be offered advice on suitable Alternative Study Options.

8. Holidays

No Regular Classes will take place at ECPS on Recognised Ghanaian Public Holidays. No Refunds will be made for classes not taking place on these dates.

9. Student Information

a. Students agree that Copies of their Regular Reports on their Academic Progress and Performance can be supplied to Parents, Sponsors or Agents without notification. Consent is hereby given by the Student to the above until formally withdrawn in writing.

b. Students agree that if ECPS has serious concerns about their welfare, ECPS can contact their parents or family members without notification. Consent is hereby given by the Student to the above until formally withdrawn in writing

10. Liability

Subject to the following, ECPS (including its Staff and/or Representatives) shall have no liability to the Student for any loss, damage, costs or expenses arising under or in connection with these Terms and Conditions except where such loss or damage is directly caused by ECPS (or its Staff or Representatives).

11. Equal Opportunities

a. ECPS operates an Equal Opportunities Admissions Policy. It aims to ensure that no applicant will receive less favourable treatment on the grounds of Age, Sex, Marital Status, Race, Colour, Nationality, Ethnic Origin or Political or Religious Belief.

b. ECPS welcomes applications from candidates with disabilities.

12. Entire Agreement

a. These Terms and Conditions and the Offer Letter constitute the entire Agreement between ECPS and the Student for the provision of Courses and/or any Academic Programmes.

b. These Terms and Conditions supersede any Promises, Representations, Warranties whether Written or Oral made by or on behalf of one party to the other.

13. Changes to these Terms and Conditions

ECPS Reserves the Right to vary these Terms and Conditions without the consent of the Student at any time prior to entering into a Contract with the Student. In such circumstances, ECPS will provide a revised set of Terms and Conditions.